[CLAM] bug fix in srcdeps

Pau Arumi pau.arumi at iua.upf.es
Thu Oct 9 08:15:19 PDT 2003

We've just found and fixed a bug in srcdeps. It appeared only when 
srcdeps was compiled under windows using MS-VisualC and, at the same 
time, some source file ( or libs headers) contained end-of-lines in the 
UNIX fashion.

This bug was not very likely to come up, but it was aggravated by the 
fact that the 'fltk' zip (de Windows version) we provided in the web, 
contained such UNIX style end-of-lines :-(

So we've both:
- updated the (windows) 'fltk' zip file which is now available in the 
web, and
- fixed the code of srcdeps

As a immediat patch, you wight want to replace the CLAM file 
build/srcdeps/parser.c with the attached one.

Of course next release will contain the bug fix (among other things). 
And it is due to be ready very soon.

Pau Arumí
CLAM Devel Team
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