[CLAM] Errors in custom build step on Windows

Devin Venable dvenable at visionael.com
Mon Sep 22 09:52:42 PDT 2003

I've just downloaded and installed CLAM-0.5.2 and the libraries it depends
on and placed them in the 'sandbox' directories as described in the online
documentation.  srcdeps.exe built successfully and I modified the project
directory settings in VC++ as described.  Unfortunately, whenever I try to
build any other project, I get errors similar to the following during the
custom build step:

(First I see this warning:)
Warning: unused variable USE_QT
../../../test/TestAudioFileIO.cxx 0 1

../../../src\Base/DynamicType.cxx 6 36
Error: Unterminated preprocessor conditions
../../../src\Errors/ErrOutOfMemory.cxx 7 38
../../../src\Storage\XML/XMLStorage.cxx 8 38

No matter which program I attempt to compile, I get a few of the
"Unterminated preprocessor conditions" error.

Anyone aware of there being a problem?  Did I miss a step during setup of my

Devin Venable

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