[CLAM] configure-ing CLAM

kasper at 303.nu kasper at 303.nu
Tue Sep 23 06:54:15 PDT 2003

> > The first problem was that fltk couldn't be found. I hacked a bit in in
> > the configure script and by adding $(fltk-config --cxxflags)
> > $(fltk-config --ldflags) to FLAG_FLTK_LIBS on line 1140 this seems to be
> > fixed.
> I solved it creating a local directory 'fltk' at the same level of the CLAM
> source tree.  Inside fltk, create a link called 'lib' to /usr/lib/fltk-1.1/
> and another called 'include' to /usr/include/fltk-1.1.

I thought about doing this, but using fltk-config seems a lot cleaner.

> > checking for std::vector::at() method in libstdc++... no
> > checking for standard sstream header in libstdc++... no
> > checking for obsolete strstream header in libstdc++... configure: error:
> > No standard c++ library String Streams header file found!
> This bug is related to the version of autoconf. Try to remove cache data
> (rm -rf autom4te.cache) and execute autoconf-2.57 (or some 2.5x version).

Ah, ok. It works fine now.

I just emerged 2.3.0, could this version work? It isn't recognized by 
configure. So for now I do with --disable-xml.


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