[CLAM] configure-ing CLAM

Xavi Rubio xrubio at iua.upf.es
Thu Sep 25 03:45:17 PDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 00:57:36 +0200
Kasper Souren <Kasper.Souren at ircam.fr> wrote:

> > In order to compile applications with CLAM, we provide a build directory
> > with the general configurations and rules for all projects. Inside this,
> > there is a tree of projects (Examples, Tests,...). If you want to compile,
> > for example, the SMSTools application, you should go the
> > build/Examples/SMS/Tools directory. Here you can see the file settings.cfg,
> > with the local configuration of the project. In order to create the
> > dependencies, type 'make depend'. After this, you can compile in debug mode
> > ('make CONFIG=debug') or in release ('make CONFIG=release').
> Why not provide Makefiles in the 'higher' directories, in order to try to 
> compile all the stuff at once?

Because the examples/tests are different, so in this way you can compile only the examples you want without wasting time compiling test that you won't need to execute. Anyway, compile all the examples or tests would spend a lot of time, I think.

> > I hope that you'll be able to compile all the projects with these commands.
> SMS/Tools doesn't work, probably because of some math problem (log, exp, .. 
> undeclared).

Can you send us the compiler's output related to this problem?
> > Anywaym, this procedure is explained in the documentation of CLAM, chapter
> > 5, that can be obtained in our project homepage:
> Maybe it would be nice to have a little explanation like this in a README file 
> somewhere...

Yes, it could be a nice help for beginners. Thanks for the advice.


> bye,
> Kasper

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