[CLAM] CLAM 0.6.1 "QT and VC7 support"

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at iua.upf.es
Mon Apr 19 05:38:52 PDT 2004

We are glad to announce that a new CLAM release is ready on the web. This 
time, the main additions are two new features that have been very much asked 
during the last months: QT and VC7 support.

* Support for integrating the QT toolkit in CLAM applications (all platforms):
To achieve that, the build system (srcdeps) detects QT "mocable" headers and 
"uic" files and associate certain custom build steps to them.

* Visual C++ 7.1 support: 
Now, under the Windows platform, the build system generates both a .dsp file 
(VC6) and a .vcproj file (VC7).  Fortunately the latest Microsoft C++ 
compiler is *much* more standard compliant (In short, we'll send a mail to 
the list discussing why using CLAM with VC7 is better).

In order to use CLAM projects with VC7 you'll only need to compile the new 
version of srcdeps and reinstall all the external libraries.

Please read the Build System chapter in the documentation for guidelines on 
these topics.

Of course, this new CLAM release contains a lot of minor bug fixes and 
enhancements. A better MIDI support among them. Refer to the ChangeLog for 
more details.

CLAM devel team

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