[CLAM] Compiling CLAM on Linux?

martin rumori lists at rumori.de
Wed Aug 4 10:38:28 PDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 05:55:46PM +0100, Chris Share wrote:
> I've decided that rather than wait until I can get Visual C++ 7.1, I'd
> try getting CLAM to run under Linux (I have SUSE 9.0 installed on my PC

good decision. :-)

> Which do I need to compile CLAM?

i am not too sure about suse, but in general i'd first try to get the
packages right out of the suse distribution.  you'll most probably
have to install both the normal and the header packages (usually
called "...-dev" or "...-devel").  if there is a package not available
from suse or too old on the suse distri, look for a .rpm package for
your suse version, if that doesn't work out, compile it yourself.  of
course you could just compile everythig yourself,  but that could get
rather painful...

> Also, is the ALSA Library "alsa-lib-1.0.5.tar.bz2"?

you should use the alsa lib matching your alsa driver.  if your
soundcard is working with suse, it most probably already uses alsa and
has the matching alsa-lib installed.  may be you'll have to install
the matching "...-devel" thing additionally, which should be included
with suse.



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