[CLAM] SMSTools crash with DRI

martin rumori lists at rumori.de
Wed Aug 4 13:12:13 PDT 2004

hi miguel,

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 12:38:57PM +0200, Miguel Ramírez Jávega wrote:
> >is that a known issue, should SMSTools be run without DRI for the
> >moment?

> Deactivating DRI is fine - SMS Tools graphics are efficient enough to 
> work reasonably well over software rendering.

should i file a bug report on this in order to not completely forget
it?  is mantis actually working?

i tried to sign up, but it said that there was a problem sending
e-mail to me.  instead, it shows the login information on the screen.
i logged with it anyway, filled out a report, but wasn't able to send
it (nothing happened after having pressed the send button).

unfortunetaly i didn't save the page stating my login information, so
i can't login now (and my handle 'rumori' is locked, since it exists,
thus i can't sign up again).

is there the possibility to fix this?



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