[CLAM] SMSTools crash with DRI

martin rumori lists at rumori.de
Thu Aug 5 22:00:09 PDT 2004

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 10:33:43AM +0200, Miguel Ramírez wrote:
> | should i file a bug report on this in order to not completely forget
> | it?  is mantis actually working?

> It should be working. However the sysadmin is on holiday, so until he
> comes back...

> Try signing-up with a different username - e.g. "rumori2". The admin
> will look at it in September.

fortunetaly, i managed to grep through my browsers cache and found the
page in question, so i was able to log in again.  unfortunetaly, it
still doesn't work, after pressing the "Submit" button, the browser
stays busy and gets no answer.  i tried with galeon (== mozilla
engine), opera and konqueror, so maybe it' not browser related.  guess
i should wait until september :-)

bests and thank you,


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