[CLAM] warning during SMS compilation?

Ali Momeni amomeni at uclink.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 23 09:14:37 PST 2004

i finally completed compiling SMS for os x (thanks to all who helped).
all compiled with no trouble, except for SMSPitchShift that gave 
these warnings:

>== compiling ../../../../src/Processing/Transformations/SMS/SMSPitchShift.cxx
>../../../../src/Processing/Transformations/SMS/SMSPitchShift.cxx: In member
>    function `virtual bool CLAM::SMSPitchShift::Do(const CLAM::Frame&,
>    CLAM::Frame&)':
>warning: assignment
>     to `TSize' from `float'
>warning: argument
>     to `int' from `float'

is this to be expected?

thank you.


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