[CLAM] SMS Tools 2 for Mac OS X binary, and libraries

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Mon Feb 23 09:45:06 PST 2004


You can download a binary version of the SMS Tools 2 application
from the CLAM website. This is still an experimental version, but
it should work. It is a self-contained application bundle (all
the needed dynamic libraries are included in the application bundle),
so double-click == go (I hope).

If you try this, and have any problems, please let us know. For more
information about SMS Tools, you can consult the CLAM documentation:


I also rebuild the mac os x library tarballs, and added some new ones.
You can extract them in your CLAM sandbox, and CLAM's configure should
find them. A package for Qt will follow tomorrow.


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