[CLAM] Qt and CLAM

Luís Gustavo Martins lmartins at inescporto.pt
Wed Feb 4 06:29:00 PST 2004

Hi again,

> * Is it possible to compile CLAM with Qt without the need of also linking
> FLTK related libraries/classes?
>Yeah of course. Take a look on the NetworkEditor example.

When I try to run SRCDEPS (by the way, I'm using Windows and MSVC++6) on the
NetworkEditor example I'm getting the following error:

Variable "EXTRA_MAKEFILE_VARS" not found in line settings.cfg:43

The offending lines in the seetings.cfg file seem to be:


MOC_OBJECTS = moc/MainWindow_moc.o \

It seems that this is intended to configure the link of CLAM with the Qt
library... however something must be missing...

Any suggestions?


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