[CLAM] [Fwd: Re: SMS for CNMAT] CLAM on OSX

Miguel Ram__rez J__vega mramirez at iua.upf.es
Mon Feb 23 01:23:33 PST 2004


> i followed the instructions and received some errors.  step 4 resulted in:
> > Makefile:16: linmain.d: No such file or directory

don't pay heed to these messages, since this just means that they will
have to be generated by a rule like the following:

> > gcc -M linmain.c -o linmain.d

> step 5 in:
> > Ali-Momenis-Computer:/Applications/CLAM-0.6.0/build ali$ autoconf 
> > ./configure
> > autom4te: no such file or directory: ./configure

This, on the other hand, is quite unexpected. When you issued the 'autoconf' was
any warning or error message prompted? Could you send us the result of
the command '$ autoconf autoconf --version'?

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