[CLAM] Re: [Mantis] Saving analysis generates errors in SDIF files in SMSTools

Francois Thibault francois.thibault at mail.mcgill.ca
Fri Jan 16 12:13:16 PST 2004

Hi David,
You are right! I had fixed this before in my own version and forgot to 
inform development team of this bug. Sincere apologies for not being a 
good user and report bugs promptly!

Notice however that in addition to the "1TRC" change pointed in the 
patch below, one must also make similar changes to "1FQ0" few lines 


On Jan 16, 2004, at 6:44 AM, David Garcia Garzon wrote:

>> Saving analysis data as SDIF, which worked up to 0.5.5 creates SDIF 
>> files
>> filled with SDIF error #5 using 0.5.6 version of SMSTools. Using 
>> standard
>> IRCAM package "querysdif" to inspect the files denotes several 
>> anomalies (no
>> matrix type, error #5) which makes the SDIF files unusable by any 
>> other SDIF
>> compatible software.
> Hello, Francois. Thanks for your feedback.
> It seems to be no code diferences on SDIF implementation between 0.5.5 
> and
> 0.5.6. But we have found a latent bug about what you said (Matrix type 
> id).
> Is possible that you already updated sdif tool and now it detects new 
> errors
> that where ignored before?
> I did not found any link to the tool you said so may you apply this 
> patch and
> tell us wether this solves the bug you found?
> src/Processing/SDIFIO/SDIFOut.cxx
> 165c165
> < 		pMatrix=new
> SDIF::ConcreteMatrix<TFloat32>(SDIF::TypeId::sDefault,nElems,4);
> ---
>> 		pMatrix=new SDIF::ConcreteMatrix<TFloat32>("1TRC",nElems,4);
> Regards.
> The CLAM Team.
> -- 
> David García Garzón <david.garcia at removespam.iua.upf.es>
> Phone: 034 93 542 21 99
> Music Technology Group, Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual
> Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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