[CLAM] Fwd: Mantis bug fixed???

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Wed Jan 14 07:23:07 PST 2004

Hello Francois,

We have just tracked down the problem - a workaround that was needed for
some graphics cards on Windows broke the Mac OS X behaviour - and I am
fixing it now. It affects several files, and we will post a patch tomorrow.
We have also fixed the broken file chooser behaviour (the pattern *.{xml|sdif}
does not work correctly - this is a fltk bug; *.{xml,sdif} does work)


> > On Mantis Bug Report # 0000046 (crash on close view action) is supposed 
> > to be resolved in 0.5.6. The crash still systematically occurs for me 
> > using 0.5.6 under Mac OS X... Anyone else having the same problem?
> Francois, I am going to check this right away.

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