[CLAM] Patch For CLAM 0.5.7

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Fri Jan 23 09:46:00 PST 2004

In the process of tracking this bug other minor bugs in SALTO have also 
been fixed. We have not added them in this patch but they should be 
available in the next realease.

We must warn you, though, that the SALTO example is at the current 
moment not at the top of the CLAM devel priority release. Because of 
this the code is not as up to date as it should. In other words, it 
works more or less fine and it is a example of complex applications you 
can build with CLAM but it is not a good example of how to write 
CLAM-compliant applications. We are sorry not to have more resources to 
allocate to this particular task but we think that the importance of 
this example is relatively low in the framework (unless it becomes 
publicly acclaimed, of course ;).


Xavier Amatriain
CLAM-devel team

Miguel Ram__rez J__vega wrote:

>This patch should the SALTO crash problems earlier reported on the list.
>For applying the patch:
>---> GNU/Linux, MacOSX
>	1) Save the attached .tar.gz file to the root of your CLAM folder ( e.g. /home/someone/CLAM-0.5.7 ).
>	2) Decompress it by issuing:
>		$ tar zxvf Patch-230104.tar.gz
>---> MS-Window ( All flavors )
>	1) Save the attached .zip file to the root of your CLAM folder (e.g. Z:/Sources/CLAM-0.5.7 ).
>	2) Unzip it with your favourite unzipper. Please make sure that the full pathname is extracted.
>Affected files should be replaced.

*     Xavier Amatriain
*   Music Technology Group
*  Universitat Pompeu Fabra
* http://iua.upf.es/mtg/~xamat

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