[CLAM] SMSTools linking problems

Matthew Barber brbrofsvl at aol.com
Fri Jul 23 07:16:47 PDT 2004

->But the _real_ solution would be to find out why the configure script
does not properly detect that these libraries are required... We are
working on a complete rewrite of the configure script, which hopefully
solves this, and other, configure problems.<-

What would be great would be something like an old sms package I used to
use, where you could do like "sms analysis," and "sms synthesis," where
the former would automatically load a config file and output an analysis
file, and the latter would automatically load a config file, an analysis
file and a transformation score, and output the sound.  All three of the
SMS programs in the current package all require user input at runtime,
which makes it impossible to script with.  I'm sure a solution could be
hacked by making an easy transformation to the main program for
SMSConsole, but I am as yet unfamiliar with C++...


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