[CLAM] Re. New SMSBatch

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at aol.com
Thu Jul 29 06:47:48 PDT 2004

->If you wanna give it a try it seems there is a missing
mConfig.GetBPFAmount().UpdateSplineTable() at line 27 of
SMSTransformation.cxx (I would give it a try myself but I am leaving on
holidays tomorrow and have to finish up too many things :( I think this
should fix the problem excep for SMSMorph in which case you will have to
add the same line at SMSMorph.cxx:93.<-

I don't think the latter will work because in SMSMorph you don't use
"BPFAmount".  I tried simply


which compiled with no errors.
Will I need to put in a similar line for each element of SMSMorph, such


for each one I may want to use?  My guess is yes, since each one behaves
like one BPFAmount - I will try it out in a moment.

The general fix seems to have worked - I can use Spline curves for pitch
changes, etc. - I'll try them out with some of the spectral envelope



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