[CLAM] compiling SMSTools2 with CLAM 0.7 in Windows

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.es
Mon Nov 29 04:13:33 PST 2004

Hello all,

We have find a bug in the windows build system for SMSTools2: it requires the Qt lib installed, when SMSTools2 doesn't need it.

Also, the build-system documentation about SMSTools2 is not updated to the CLAM-0.7.0 release, in which we have extracted the big examples (as SMSTools2) out of the CLAM module. We'll fix the documentation really soon.

We'll made a minor "bug-fixes" release 7.1 in short time. By now, in order to fix the mentioned problem and compile SMSTools2 follow this 3-step instructions:


Assuming you have extracted the latest CLAM and SMSTools2 zips (notice that now it takes downloading two different zips) with the default dirs names. So you have:


you'll need the "srcdeps" program compiled, (to do so, just open this MSVisual.NET file CLAM-0.7.0/build/srcdeps/srcdeps.sln and compile it )

1. Overwrite the file CLAM-0.7.0/build/system-win.cfg with the attached file
  This config file caused (an unecessary) complain when Qt lib was not
  installed in the system

now we are going to regenerate the SMSTools.vcproj so it fits your
dirs structure.

2. Edit the SMSTools2-2.0/build/clam-location.cfg 
  with an *absolute* path to your target CLAM repository. ex:
  CLAM_PATH = c:/clam-sandboxes/CLAM-0.7.0 

3. Enter to the comand-line window (execute "cmd")
  Go (with the "cd" command) into SMSTools2-2.0/build/Tools/
  execute ..\..\..\CLAM-0.7.0\build\srcdeps\srcdeps.exe
This will regenerate the SMSTools.vcproj in the current directory, 
ready to be compiled and executed.


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