[CLAM] Calling processings before the Do

Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
Wed Apr 6 07:48:44 PDT 2005

Hi, I will give you my opinion although it is a complex question.

> The first, question is that, before any Do i must compute a kernel
> (matrix), once i know the configuration parameters. Which should be the
> correct place? ConcreteStart? ConcreteConfigure?

Complex structural and costly operations should be set at configure
time, therefore it should go to ConcreteConfigure. Nevertheless there
might be some related initializations (imagine for instance resetting
some matrix coefficients) that for convenience could be set in the

> The second related question is that this precomputation is done by appying
> the FFT to some constant data depending on the configuration. So, how i
> should deal this FFT calling before the Do. Should i create one fft object
> on configuration time and call Configure-Start-Do-Stop? Is worth, lazy
> initialization for the matrix?

My guess here is that you should actually not only have two different
Processings but really two different "networks" both of them with
different configuration and execution times. You should try to keep all
Processings in a network synchronized in that respect (all Processings
in a Network should be configured, started... at the same time).

As I said this is my opinion and it admits discussion ;)

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