[CLAM] ZIP files of CLAM applications source code + possible additions

Koen Tanghe Koen.Tanghe at UGent.be
Wed Dec 21 07:11:32 PST 2005


congratulations on the latest cross-platform pre-release!

Now, I just downloaded the zipped source code for the Voice2MIDI 
application, but it seems like the zip files are corrupt... Both WindowsXP 
itself and WinZip are not able to open the archives (WinZip gives me an 
"error after reading header after processing 0 entries")...

Then, more interestingly maybe, the reason why I downloaded the source code 
was that I'd like to see how difficult it would be to add the melody 
transcriber that was developed at the DSSP group of UGent for the MAMI 
project. We have a free library version, but the GPL doesn't allow to link 
with non-GPL-compatible code (not even DLL's from what I read), so the only 
way to do it without opening the source code would be to modify the 
Voice2MIDI source code and add in a system call to a standalone 
transcription module and then read in the output of that application back 
into Voice2MIDI (not a nice "integration" but anyway...)

Would the CLAM team feel something for adding in a check to see if the MAMI 
melody transcriber is available, and then if that is the case, give the user 
the choice to use that instead of the CLAM one, and then do a fork/execute 
of our tool and read in the generated output file to be used as pitch 
detectoin results?
It's just that you seem to have already built a nice working interface, and 
we seem to have a nice working transcription module. Could be a nice 
combination. Just a thought. What do you think?


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