[CLAM] CLAM 0.7 Configuration on OS X.3

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Thu Jan 13 02:28:46 PST 2005

Dear Paul,

Sorry to see you have problems. Let's try to solve them.

I'll answer your questions in a different order.

> 1.2 there is no and never was a configure.macosx in the build dir, as 
> suggested by doc 12.1

Ok, here the documentation is wrong. Don't worry about this.

> 1.3 there is a packages-posix.cfg.in, but no packages-posix.cfg in
> build

The files packages-posix.cfg and system-posix.cfg (used on both OSX and
linux) are generated by ./configure, and since your configure did not
finish correctly, these files are missing.

> 1. Is configuration OK?

No, it isn't.. It has exited when it failed with qt.

As configure's output says, you could simply deactivate
qt, running ./configure --without-qt

As SMSTools does not use Qt, you could try this in order to move on. 

It would, however be nice to find out why the qt check failed. Please
send me, off-list, your full config.log file.

> 2. Which external libraries do I really need?

I believe you have listed all that are necesary.

> config.log is a litany of failed programs, for example

That's not necesarily a problem. In order to find out your
configuration, configure will test things that may fail.


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