[CLAM] Help needed to understand how to create an 8 bit u-law wave file

Quinn, Martin S (US SSA) marty.quinn at baesystems.com
Fri May 13 08:27:33 PDT 2005

Dear Clam users, 


I tried to modify the audiofilewriting example program to try to create
an 8 bit u-law wave file. 


I added the dynamic var Encoding to the audiofileformat object,

update data, 

EAudioFileEncoding myEncoding("u-law");


update data;


but I still get a 16 bit wave that doesn't sound any different from not
putting these commands in. 


Forgive me if there is a later example that shows how to do this. I am
just getting familiar with CLAM. 

I need to be able to create both 16 bit linear pcm and 8 bit mu-law
files. Any brief example of how to do this would help greatly. 







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