[CLAM] clam descriptors computation

Vegard Sandvold vegard.sandvold at notam02.no
Mon May 30 04:23:18 PDT 2005


I have some concerns about descriptors computation in CLAM-0.7.0.

First of all, segment audio descriptors are not computed when
SegmentDescriptors::Compute() is invoked. This is because the following
code snippet is missing from the ConcreteCompute() method:


Secondly, some of the spectral descriptors are not computed as one may
expect. I'm thinking mainly about MagnitudeSkewness/Kurtosis, but it may
apply to other descriptors derived from central moments of the spectrum. I
discovered and reported this some time ago, maybe a year or so, after
having inspected the Stats. If I remember right, the skewness/kurtosis is
computed on spectral magnitudes _only_, and not magnitudes weighted by
frequency index.

David: I know your are re-working the descriptors computation scheme.
Maybe you have planned for these updates? I'm happy to discuss more with
you outside the list.


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