[CLAM] Hoping I Could Get An Answer To My Deployment Issues

jburke at cs.kent.edu jburke at cs.kent.edu
Sun Oct 16 08:14:36 PDT 2005

Attn. clam at iua.upf.es:

Not too long ago I sent this:

"I am currently reading the ReleaseDocumentation.pdf and I am a bit
confused about the process of deploying CLAM on MS Windows, in general.
For one thing, when I look on pages 10 and 11 (18 and 19 according to
Adobe) and then later on at page 19 (27 according to Adobe) listing the
USE_ variables, there are some variables listed on page 19 which don't
seem to correspond to dependancies listed on pages 10 and 11.  For
instance, RTAUDIO.  On page 19, the explanation for what the USE_RTAUDIO
does is that it "Tells the build system to make applications to link
against RtAudio. Note that this variable only has effect on Microsoft
Windows(c) systems."  So why isn't RtAudio listed on page 11 under the
"Only on Windows:" bulleted item.  Also, I have CLAM-0.7.0 and, after
looking through "packages-win.cfg", I noticed a HAS variable named
"HAS_MAD".  Yet I do not see anywhere in ReleaseDocumentation.pdf which
describes what kind of dependancy this actually is.

I am also having this deployment issue.  When I try to open srcdeps.dsw as
per the instructions on page 14, which say "Open the Visual workspace file
srcdeps.dsw located on..." under section "16.3 Setup on MS Visual Studio",
I get the following message:

"The project 'srcdeps.dsp' must be converted to the current Visual C++
project format. After it has been converted, you will not be able to edit
this project in previous versions of Visual Studio.

Convert and open this project?"

This is despite the facts that 1) I have CLAM-0.7.0 and that, 2) according
to the table on page 3 VisualC++ 7.1 is fully supported and 3) the
sentence which begins with "All of them are generated using Microsoft
VisualC++ 7.1.(.NET)" on page 12.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?"

I am sending this to say that I am still having trouble and that
suggestions would be welcome.

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