[CLAM] SMS - hard problem with simple example :-((

Xavier Amatriain xavier at create.ucsb.edu
Tue Oct 4 12:04:16 PDT 2005

What version of CLAM are you using? In 0.8 there is no 
mOutputResSpectrum in SMSAnalysis as far as I can tell (it is in 
SMSAnalysisCore). Are you on a previous version?

Stefan Klemke wrote:
> Hello,
> i may have a quite simple problem, but i get stucked with it. 
> I got Clam working and want to use some functions from the SMS. Therefor i
> tried to get the Console - Example working. Linking with scrdeps works fine
> but at compiling the project with .net i get a lot of errors, all depending
> on SMSAnalysis.cxx. Starting in line 185 and following, errors like that
> occures: error - C2614: 'CLAM::SMSAnalysis': //Translation :)// : bad
> initialisation of element: 'mOutputResSpectrum' is wether base nor element
> error C2614: ... : 'mOutputFundamental' ....
> ...
> I expected first, that srcdeps did not include all necessairy files, but all
> i tried i didn`t get it running..
> I would be very very pleased if someone has any idea, how to break this
> misery..
> thx a lot for ur answers
> Stefan
> PS: hope my broken english doesn`t make things hard :)

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