[CLAM] Compilation problems

Xavier Amatriain xavier at create.ucsb.edu
Mon Sep 12 10:04:57 PDT 2005

Hi Stephane,

You do not need portmidi and portaudio on Linux. As a matter of fact you 
only need FLTK if you are interested on compiling applications with fltk 
gui, such as SMSTools. I
am saying that because, as a first try, you could try disabling fltk and 
trying out several of the other examples that use qt or no GUI. In order 
to do that simply do ./configure --disable-fltk . Now, in order to find 
out what is exactly the problem with fltk, could you post the outcome of 
the configure script?

And we hope that the Jack support is available in the next release, as 
well as the new binaries and packages that we are working on.

Stéphane Letz wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to install CLAM 0.8.0 on a Linux box, Mandrake 10.2 distrib.
> Most of the additional needed packets are installed and detected  
> correctly by ./configure (only portmidi and portaudio are not  
> installed, but not mandatory I think) but FLTK is not recognized  
> correctly. I tried to install using the "rpmdrake" utility then by  
> hand downloading and installing a fltk 1.1.6 version but still  
> without success.
> Any idea?
> BTW : when will the nice Jack support that Pau Arumi presented at  
> ICMC be included in the distrib? (-:
> Thanks
> Stephane Letz
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