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Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.es
Wed Sep 14 09:45:51 PDT 2005

I'm in the midde of writting a longish mail describing how the 
CallbackNetworkPlayer works.
This is the approach we have used write jackify the Prototyper. (only in 
CVS though)
And the next step is to have VstNetworkPlayer, PortAudioNetworkPlayer, etc.

Of course it uses this buffer adaptation technic described by Stéphane, 
but the nice thing is that the Port and Network classes hides all the 
nasty stuff.
As a result, writtig plugins (or jack, whatever callback based app) 
based on a previously defined (i.e. with NetworkEditor) network is a 
really simple thing.

I'm giving more details in my next mail


Stéphane Letz wrote:

> Le 14 sept. 05 à 18:16, Xavier Amatriain a écrit :
>> BTW, the technique was used on a real-time very demanding spectral  
>> processing technique and, as far as I know, did not produce  
>> significant load to the CPU (compared to the FFT or Pitch detection  
>> algorithms). And, if I remember right, we tried both multithreading  
>> and single thread versions.
>> Stéphane Letz wrote:
> It would be interesting to get so more info on how this buffer  
> adaptation code is concretely used... and what kind of multithreaded  
> implementation is actually done.
> Thanks
> Stephane Letz
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