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Vegard Sandvold vegard.sandvold at notam02.no
Thu Sep 15 03:09:21 PDT 2005

Hi Pau,

all this is very good news! I'm looking forward to the day CLAM finally
reaches 1.0 .


On Mon, September 12, 2005 13:30, Pau Arumi wrote:
> Hi Vegard,
> Incredible, no one thought you could manage to out of this abyss alive :-)
> So, I guess that this wierd complains from .NET were due to using
> managed C++ instead of "compiled" C++, we never tried clam on managed C++
> before.
> About having a more flexible way (target to DLL, etc.) to create projects:
> Changing srcdeps to adapt it to MS visual projects in a flexible way was
> prooved
> too time consuming. Instead we have another solution on the way.
> Miguel is working hard to totally change the clam build system and
> base it to the normal library binaries approach, using scons.
> We have the Linux version already working, and producing debian packages,
> in our CVS.
> And currently Miguel is down to the MS deepness producing the first clam
> DLLs using scons. This way, writing Visual projects using clam will be
> very simple.
> Much more simpler than the current way using srcdeps. Of course we'll
> provide
> basic examples (or project patterns).
> It will also ease a great deal stuff like: reducing dependencies by
> linking only with
> parts of clam (clam will be splited in several libs), producing clam
> apps installers, etc.
> We'll try to have the new release ready in 2 or 3 weeks.
> Regards!
> Pau
> Vegard Sandvold wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>after I spoke to Pau at the ICMC banquet the other day, I thought I could
>>share some of my latest CLAM experiences with the community.
>>I have ventured where no-one has ever gone before (I think), deep down
>>into the abyss of Microsoft. Basically, I have written a Windows Service
>>for doing real-time music analysis, using the .NET framework. Running the
>>analysis program as a service was a requirement from my "contractor", and
>>not something I did for fun. Because it wasn't...
>>The main problems arose from a MS invention called Managed C++, which is
>>an integral part of their .NET class library. The service class had to be
>>written in managed c++, while the music analysis is of course written
>>using clam. If I tried adding clam objects as class members to my service
>>class, the compiler complained about some problems with default
>>constructors in various clam classes. The same applies to std::string
>>objects aswell. I use .NET version 7.1.
>>I got by by declaring all clam stuff as local variables in the main "do"
>>method. Also, every time I run srcdeps, I have to edit the project
>>configuration to set ut the service specific options. This is just a
>>convenience request, but would it be possible to extend the setting.cfg
>>file to make it possible to set other, and possible arbitrary
>>configuration directives?
>>If this is to time consuming to be worth doing, could we at least make it
>>possible to specify a DLL compilation rather than an executable
>>compilation? I have also written a Winamp dsp plug-in with clam, and
>>everytime, after having run srcdeps, I have to go in and change the
>>configuration to produce a dll.
>>Well, having said all that, both my service and the plug-in are working
>>great:-) The service is currently streaming, decoding and analysing NINE
>>Internet radio channels in real-time on a dual Xeon processor machine.
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