[CLAM] RT and port sizes (was Re: AudioPorts Usage)

Xavier Amatriain xavier at create.ucsb.edu
Thu Sep 15 10:16:53 PDT 2005

Good that everything stays at home! CSL has been designed by S.T.Pope 
here at CREATE. He is actually in an office next to mine so I will have 
a chat with him to know about the rationale behind that design. Thanks 
for the pointer !

> I think I was not able to explain clearly what I meant... (-:
> But after doing some google, I found that in the CREATE CSL  
> documentation (http://www.create.ucsb.edu/CSL/CSL_ICMC_2003.pdf)
> A ThreadedFrameStream uses a background
> thread to compute samples. It caches some number of
> buffers from its “producer” sub-graph and supplies
> them to its “consumer” thread immediately on
> demand. It controls the scheduling of the thread of its
> producer. While this obviously introduces latency
> within a DSP graph, it is a known latency with (ideally)
> no latency jitter.
> This is typically the kind of solution I was thinking of : use  
> another thread to do the main process and "smooth" CPU use , in the  
> cost of additional latency
> The same kind of design is also done in Jamin.
> And I think doing multithreading correctly will be the next thing to  
> do of course on MP machines, but it may help even UP machines.
> Stephane 

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