[CLAM] RT and port sizes (was Re: AudioPorts Usage)

Miguel Ramírez Jávega mramirez at iua.upf.es
Fri Sep 16 02:45:16 PDT 2005


> I would like to see more details of what they do in Jamin and why they 
> do it. In my experience, multithreading is usually not a good idea. 
> What you gain in CPU spreading you loose in context switching, 
> especially on some operating systems.
The context switching problem is becoming a thing of the past, 
especially on x86 machines with HyperThreading and double cores, where 
you have two or even three different pipelines for processing 
instructions, making 'context switching' a matter of latencies at the 
micro-programming level. These processors became mainstream last year 
and prices have been steadily dropping ever since.

Linux Kernel support for this feature is just a matter of carefully 
building a HT-enabled SMP version. And Microsoft Windows support, while 
much more lackey than the Linux one, as usual, is acceptable.

Before anybody objects that x86 + ( Linux || Windows)  is not something 
universal should remember which processor Apple is retooling its 
production lines for :)


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