[CLAM] Re: CLAM with real-time

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Sun Dec 10 15:25:26 PST 2006

(Ccing to the public list)

> Hi Pau,
> Is using the real-time low-latency patches or rtLinux itself problematic
> with CLAM?  Are folks doing this?
We normally use stock kernels, since kernel 2.6 they are quite good at 
real-time (giving high priority to the audio thread)
A year or so ago, I remember testing a 2.4 with low-latency patches. 
CLAM apps had no special problems on such kernels. With them you can get 
lower latencies. I mean smaller driver's buffer size. You can specify 
which driver buffer size (period) you want with JACK, for example. But, 
of course, the  minimum latency will depend on the amount and nature 
(ffts...) of the processing you are doing.

On the CLAM side we try to do all the processing "real-time", with no 
blocking calls like memory or mutex waiting. However, it is "possible" 
that old processings exists in CLAM which does memory allocation on its 
Do() --not difficult fix though. it's a matter of preallocating memory 
in configuration time.


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