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Xavier Amatriain xamat at iua.upf.es
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Hi Jay, and thanks for your feedback.

I hope you don't mind my forwarding the message to the public list. I
think it has relevant information and, above all, it might encourage
feedback from others!

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Hi Pau,

I have CLAM 0.90 all setup and running on XP.  Installation went smooth.  My
congrats to the CLAM team!

My only comment would be to inform users that they need to run the External
Library Installer first, for the smoothest installation.

Below are some bugs that I've found with SMSTools and the NetworkEditor.
I've be happy to provide more information, particularly related to the
Network Editor issues that I'm having - they're quite blocking.

- JayL

1) After loading a WAV file, the initial audio overview appears quite
(4-bit waveform display?)

Zooming out and back in again fixes the problem.

2) First time viewing "Frame Data > Spectrum and Peaks"
the initial peaks overview appears quite blocky.
(4-bit waveform display?)

Zooming out and back in again also fixes the problem.

3) Certain audio files causes SMSTools to hang/crash.
Notably, a particular 18 second, 44.1 / 24bit WAV file, also crashes - I can
send you that WAV file if you'd like.

When I load that WAV file, I run SMS Analysis > Analyze.
A dialog appears saying "Building graphic data"
            Progress bar gets about 1/3 of the way through and then freezes.
            SMSTools never resumes.
I must force quit the app at that point.

1) Once the Network is stopped, it will not start again.

For example, create a
    Attach it to AudioOut_0

Start Network.  You hear a sine tone.
Stop Network.   Tone stops.
Try to start the network again and you do not hear anything.

Try to STOP the Network again and Network editor will be unresponsive. (hour
glass - must force quite)

I'm running XP SP2, with M-Audio FW410 as my audio interface.

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