[CLAM] Missing configuration variables on Windows

Pau Arumí parumi at iua.upf.es
Thu Jan 5 09:34:06 PST 2006

Hi Vegard,
I've just uploaded a new 0.90-pre3 release on the web
Just the src code by now (not windows setups.exe and mac .dmg )

There is a reworked INSTALL file (also attached) in the root dir 
of the main tarball, that should explain how to set the 
dependencies and compile/install in the three platforms


En/na Vegard Sandvold ha escrit:
> Hi David,
> I'm compiling with clam 0.90 pre2 (sorry for not telling), but I suspect
> I'm still using the old build system. Can you tell me where I find some
> info on how to use the scons-based system?
> Vegard
> On Wed, January 4, 2006 17:41, David Garcia Garzon wrote:
>>Hi, Vegard.
>>Sorry for the delay. Most of us were on hollydays.
>>You didn't tell us the version you are trying to compile. For the 0.8.0 we
>>didn't apply changes on 0.8 that were needed for Windows. The current 0.90
>>prerelease is multi-platform but is based on scons and the problem you are
>>reporting is on the old build system.
>>Someone else (ie, Esteban Maestre) was trying to compile the old version
>>Windows so your report is useful anyway for him.
>>As 0.8 version was not intended for Windows, don't hesitate to ask us for
>>other problem you find. As well as any problems you have trying the scons
>>based build system.
>>A Dilluns 02 Gener 2006 14:34, Vegard Sandvold va escriure:
>>>I'd just like to inform you that I had to manually add the variables
>>>HAS_XMLPP and HAS_OSCPACK to packages-win.cfg when compiling with CLAM.
>>David García Garzón <david.garcia at removespam.iua.upf.es>
>>Phone: 034 93 542 21 99
>>Music Technology Group, Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual
>>Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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