[CLAM] about CLAM's demo output and another issue

Neediss Gu neediss at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 22:54:47 PDT 2006

     Thanks for the immediate reply and the DAFX URL. I can not find this
book in my country - China. If I find it I will buy it.

*1 Could anyone help me to generate an output modified pitch?*
> I want to do Voice Conversion. Could anyone help me to generate some
> Analysis -> Transform -> Synthesis example output?
> "Elvis.wav" is too special. Two of my samples are in the following URL.
What kind of transformations are you talking about? Any transformation?

Any transformation such as large or middle range pitch modification, but the
output should sounds less artifact.
Can anyone help me to generate a demo output based on
*2 The console output of my SMS Synthesis.*
I can do SMS analysis and can view the ouput graph. But without
transformation, when click SMS Synthesis, it crashed, using Elvis-config.xml

Initiating processing module...done!
Initiating audio module...done!

runtime error R6025
- pure virtual function call
*3 Another issue of CLAM*

void SpectralPeakArray::TodB()
 if(GetScale()==EScale::eLinear)//else we need to do nothing
  DataArray &mag = GetMagBuffer();
  int nPeaks=GetnPeaks();
  int i;
  for (i=0; i<nPeaks; i++)
   if(mag[i]==0) mag[i]=TData(0.0001);
   mag[i]= 20*log10(mag[i]);

if(mag[i]==0) mag[i]=TData(0.0001);  -> ? Maybe it should be if(mag[i]==0)
In "void Spectrum::ToDB()", it is -200.0. And -200 may be better meanful
than 0.001.

Anyway thanks to all peoples working for CLAM. Maybe my ignorance trouble
you again.
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