[CLAM] Can I build CLAM-0.91.0 without QT?

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Jun 28 03:16:13 PDT 2006

En/na Neediss Gu ha escrit:
> Can I build CLAM-0.91.0 without QT?
> I just want to use CLAM to do spectral analysis.

Currently our clam-libs SConstruct doesn't provide with-qt option
like does for other libraries (osc, jack...)

But it is possible with some extra work:
You should modify SConstruct so that it does not perform the qt
configuration tests.

And then compile only the needed libs:
This can be done modifying the SConstruct file or by command 
line, passing the directory which contain the library SConscript.

scons core/
scons processing/
scons audioio/

and finally :
scons install

For sure, installing qt3 (debian: qt-mt-dev) is the time saving 

And of course, the "good" solution would be make it depend on a 
"with-qt" option.
Any contribution on this would be very appreciated.
Right now, the core developers are concentrated on other issues:


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