[CLAM] Building MIDISynthesizer

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Mar 16 04:15:14 PST 2006

I'm resending a mail which was not delivered on its day to the

(I was using a non-subsribed address due to a change in the 
iua-mail server)


En/na Nafarrete Family ha escrit:
> Thanks, Pau...any examples suitable for build at this time?

To build out-of-the-box in Windows, you only have the main

If you can't use Linux, then you can compile the clam library and
build the examples with your own MSVisual project / scons / make
/ qmake file.

(As said in previous mails, in Linux you can use the old build
system which compiles all the small examples, unit tests,
functional tests..)

Anyway I'm going to boost the priority of this task (provide
build examples) in my TODO list.


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