[CLAM] Re: rtaudio on windows

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Oct 13 10:20:43 PDT 2006

(Sorry for multiple postings. I don't see this message arriving to the 

En/na Rettenbacher, Bernhard ha escrit:
> Hi all,
> im new to CLAM. It looks very nice to me, im now in doing a evaluation
> of your system. I passed the building procedure and have tried out some
> examples (scons build and vc7 ide). The tutorial examples work well.
> Now the problem: I tried out the AudioIOExample and all I get is this
> message:
> AudioManager::FindOrCreateDevice(): Don't have a list of "rtaudio"
> devices.
> Maybe you are not specifying any library to play sound (alsa,
> rtaudio...)
> As I think the problem is in the build procedure, I send you my
> clam.conf:
The problem is not in the build but in the code.
So this example is basically broken for Windows. I think the best
option is to change the backend to portaaudio. But I don't know if
this is trivial or not.
However, instead of fixing this very old example, I prefere to write
a new audio IO example based on NetworkPlayers, which is the
easier way to interact with clam processings in streaming/real-time.

Since we are currently porting the totally re-written NetworkEditor
(Qt4) to windows, we'll deal with it soon.

Please note that, at the moment, development with clam is better
supported in Linux or even Mac than Windows. (However we'll keep
providing apps binaries for Windows.)


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