[CLAM] CLAM design patterns are presented at PLoP

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Fri Oct 20 12:01:42 PDT 2006

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The development team is currently at
PLoP (Program Languages of Programming Conference) [1]
2006 in Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with OOPSLA.

We are presenting this catalog [2] consisting on eleven design patterns 
that contains our experience developing the CLAM framework and other 
systems. The patterns aim at offering a generative pattern language that 
falls within a generic data-flow architecture.
The catalog is divided in four categories:
- General Data-flow Patterns, that address problems about how to 
organize high-level aspects
of the data-flow architecture, by having different types of modules 
- Flow Implementation Patterns, that address how to physically transfer 
tokens from one module to another,
according to the types of flow defined by the general data-flow patterns.
Tokens life-cycle, ownership and memory management are recurrent issues 
in those patterns;
and finally,
- Network Usability Patterns, that address how humans can interact with 
data-flow networks.

Patterns at PLoP are discussed and improved in small writer's workshops, 
and we are very pleased to have Ralph Johnson [3] as our workshop chair!

On a different matter of things, the new (still unreleased) Network 
Editor  and Prototyper are getting a lot of improvements. To get an idea 
see the development screenshots gallery. [4]

 1. http://hillside.net/plop/2006/
 2. http://hillside.net/plop/2006/Papers/Library/audioPatterns_20060809.pdf
 3. http://st-www.cs.uiuc.edu/users/johnson/
 4. http://iua-share.upf.es/wikis/clam/index.php/Development_screenshots

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