[CLAM] Arch linux packages

Paolo Fagni paolo.fagni at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 05:57:23 PDT 2006

Hello there!

Sorry for the time elapsed since last messages, but now I'm glad to
inform you that I've successfully built packages for clam library and
clam-annotator for Arch linux. Arch linux uses two ways to manage
packages:binary packages and meta-packages (à la gentoo). Since I'm not
directly involved in Arch linux development I can only submit meta
packages to AUR (ArchLinux User-community Repository), which is an arch
linux project.

You can find clam package at :

Clam annotator at:

If you want I can also provide you pre-built packages, but you'll need
to provide them on your site on in some other way. This can be easier
for users, but it is not the standard way to distribute packages for

The Informations to install AUR packages in Archlinux can be found at:

If you need more informations , or want to ask me something just so
it :D


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