[CLAM] Can CLAM be used with Visual Studio C++ 2005 Express Edition

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Thu Oct 26 02:07:15 PDT 2006

(going on-list again)

En/na Mario Servin ha escrit:
> Thanks Pau, excuse us but I mess the things.  I believe Visual Studio 
> 7 is in fact 2003, but I did not know there was a free edition. And I 
> think it is impossible to get it nowadays, as the only free IDE from 
> Microsoft pages is Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition. I will wait 
> that someone that could get it working with that tool answer my question.
> Regards,
>                  Mario
Actually VS 2003 Express Edition is available from microsoft web. I 
download it 10 days ago. If you are interested and can't find it, tell 
me and I'll search the link for you or upload the package.


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