[CLAM] Play a note with MIDI

Simonin Vincent Vincent.Simonin at he-arc.ch
Thu Apr 26 05:57:38 PDT 2007

Hi !
I'm starting with CLAM and I'm trying to play a musical note (i.e. A at 440 Hz) with MIDI.
I have read the examples et the documentation about MIDI using CLAM but I'm not sure about what I'm doing because of some troubles with wavtables on OpenSUSE (I must use Timidity to play some MIDI files on my computer).
Must I start with the MIDIOut example to play some sound with MIDI (I'm not sure to understand this example, especially what DoControl do) ? Where can I find some examples or documentation to play some MIDI notes or chord with CLAM ?
Thanks for help

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