[CLAM] synthesizing SMS models in Pd

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 03:40:01 PST 2007

Hi list,

I've been working on getting a real-time spectral-model synthesizer going,
so far it handles 1TRC SDIF files quite well!  Now I am onto synthesizing
the noise residual, but want to ask a couple questions first:

- Is there any other processing that needs to be done to the 1STF data, or
is it ready to hand to [ifft~] as is?  I assume that I need to apply a
window first, but maybe this is already done.  Also, would pd's [rifft~]
suffice (It adds the second half of the fft by symmetry)?

- With the partial data, I interpolate the frequencies for every sample
because I am handed a frame for roughly every 10ms.  However, a 1STF frame
should cover 512 samples, which is roughly the same time.  Should I just set
pd's blocksize to the fft size and send it a new 1STF frame every time I
synthesize a new 1TRC frame, or will I need to interpolate the 1STF data to
get smooth transitions still?

If you can help clarify these issues for me, it is much appreciated.  Sorry
if it is listed somewhere in Serra's publications, or in the code.  I
looked, couldn't find what I needed to know.

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