[CLAM] synthesizing SMS models in Pd

Richard Dobson richarddobson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 16:59:28 PST 2007

Xavier Amatriain wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> As Richard said the 1SFT data is ready to go into the IFFT. A different 
> story is what you need to do afterwards to
> get a smooth synthesized sound. I am not sure what *window* you are 
> talking about because there are two involved in the
> process. The analysis window, which by default is a BlackmanHarris92 
> with a 75% overlap. You need to multiply by the
> inverse of this window after the SFFT. And then a completely independent 
> triangular window with a size equal to twice
> the analysis hop and overlap 50%. This is the one in charge of getting a 
> smooth overlap and add process in place.

It would appear that the 1STF only provides for the (optional) 
specification of ~one~ window, not two. So all the above is essentially 
a priori knowledge that cannot be obtained solely from reading the file. 
Which is why I still find the SDIF file format, so often, so inadequate 
in terms of completeness and portability!

Richard Dobson

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