[CLAM] NetworkEditor building problems

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Sat Mar 10 07:20:51 PST 2007

En/na Tim Blechmann ha escrit:
> ah, thanks (maybe it's possible to add a brief hint into the INSTALL
> file?)

actually the hint is there (NetworkEditor/INSTALL) from last
      $ scons install install_prefix=/usr/local 

  if you are not using Linux/Debian (or Ubuntu) you'll need to 
define QTDIR
  hint: in Fedora Core 6 use QTDIR=/usr

> now a bit further:
> src/prototyper/PrototypeLoader.cxx: In function ‘CLAM::NetworkPlayer* CLAM::tryNetworkPlayer(const std::string&, const std::string&)’:
> src/prototyper/PrototypeLoader.cxx:102: error: ‘class CLAM::JACKNetworkPlayer’ has no member named ‘IsWorking’

it seems likely that you're compiling against a not-updated clam
version because svn version of JACKNetworkPlayer do have a member

try re-installing clam. and make sure that clam_prefix used to
compile NetworkEditor points to the good installation path.


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