[CLAM] NetworkEditor building problems

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Sun Mar 11 03:08:49 PDT 2007

> > for qt4 there seem to be different locations:
> > libs: /usr/lib/qt4
> > includes: /usr/include/qt4
> > demos/examples...: /usr/share/qt4
> >
> > the default QTDIR is set to /usr/qt/3, to build clam, i've set it
> > to /usr/lib/qt4 ...
> >
> > cheers ... tim
> Well, distributions normally do some links engineering to place things where 
> they are suposed to be for the distro and they still keep some QTDIR with all 
> the needed stuff. For examples, in Debian, qt4 headers are 
> at /usr/include/qt4, libraries at /usr/lib... but they keep a directory 
> at /usr/share/qt4 with links to the proper places just in case you need to a 
> QTDIR dependant task. Is it possible that Gentoo does the same thing?

hm ... i haven't been able to find such a directory on my machine ... at
least not for qt4 ...

cheers ... tim

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