[CLAM] Compilation Error

RAVI GUPTA dce_ravigupta at yahoo.co.in
Thu Aug 7 02:09:26 PDT 2008

Second method had worked for me but when i try to run the file, it gives me errors:

./network FilePlayer.clamnetwork
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM5AudioE shown as CLAM::Audio (Buffer) with color lightcyan
Adding TypePlugin f shown as CLAM::Audio (Stream) with color lightblue
Adding TypePlugin St6vectorIfSaIfEE shown as Floats vector with color silver
Adding TypePlugin St6vectorISt4pairIffESaIS1_EE shown as Float pairs vector with color thistle
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM7LPModelE shown as CLAM::LPModel with color orange
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM8SpectrumE shown as CLAM::Spectrum with color yellowgreen
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM17SpectralPeakArrayE shown as CLAM::SpectralPeakArray with color lightcoral
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM11FundamentalE shown as CLAM::Fundamental with color sandybrown
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM11MelCepstrumE shown as CLAM::MelCepstrum with color palegreen
Adding TypePlugin N4CLAM11MelSpectrumE shown as CLAM::MelSpectrum with color seagreen
AudioSink::ConcreteConfigure(..) - buffer size: 0
BackendBufferSize() 1024
AudioSink::ConcreteConfigure(..) - buffer size: 0
BackendBufferSize() 512
Warning: could not start processing for not being Configured: 'MonoAudioFileReader_0' of class MonoAudioFileReader
/usr/bin/jackd: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/jackd: undefined symbol: jack_zero_filled_buffer
Default API 0
* OSS (0)
  ALSA (1)
Portaudio Chosen API: ALSA 1
PortAudio Error: No free default output device

Also I got same errors when i tried to run "Constructing and playing a
 simple network" example


Can you tell me whether some pluigins are missing or i have to do some more configurations?

Thanks for replying quickly.

You should use the scons scripts from here:
Just copy that text into a SConstruct file in the same path of your
network.cxx file and type 'scons'

or if you still want to compile "by hand": g++ network.cxx
-lclam_audioio -lclam_processing -L$CLAM_LIBRARY_INSTALLATION_PATH/lib

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