[CLAM] Need help

Stephane THOMAS sthomas at nerim.net
Wed Dec 10 08:53:52 PST 2008


I try to modify the example program

I want to use a MultiChannelAudioFileReader instead of the mono one, and use JACKNetworkPlayer instead of the PortAudio player.

Changing :
        network.SetPlayer(new CLAM::PANetworkPlayer);

with :
        CLAM::JACKNetworkPlayer player;
        network.SetPlayer (&player);

works fine with the MonoAudioFileReader.

But I want to use a multi-channel reader (to play a stereo file) so my code becomes :

#include <CLAM/Network.hxx>
#include <CLAM/PANetworkPlayer.hxx>
#include <CLAM/JACKNetworkPlayer.hxx>
#include <CLAM/MultiChannelAudioFileReader.hxx>
int error(const std::string & msg)
	std::cerr << msg << std::endl;
	return -1;
int main(int argc, char ** argv)
	if (argc!=2) return error ("needs a filename.");
	CLAM::Network network;
	std::string reader = network.AddProcessing("MultiChannelAudioFileReader");
	// Configure the reader
	CLAM::MultiChannelAudioFileReaderConfig cfg;
	if (!network.ConfigureProcessing(reader, cfg))
		 return error("Could not open the file");
	int length = ((CLAM::MultiChannelAudioFileReader &) network.GetProcessing(reader)).GetHeader().GetLength()/1000;
 	// Add an audio sink and connect its input to the reader's output
	std::string sinkL = network.AddProcessing("AudioSink");
        std::string sinkR = network.AddProcessing("AudioSink");
	network.ConnectPorts(reader+".Channel #0", sinkL+".AudioIn");
	network.ConnectPorts(reader+".Channel #1", sinkR+".AudioIn");
	// Set the audio backend to PortAudio
	//network.SetPlayer(new CLAM::PANetworkPlayer);
        // What's about JACK ?
        CLAM::JACKNetworkPlayer player;
        network.SetPlayer (&player);

I can see a JACK client in qjackctl, if I connect it I have the audio file played crackling...
In the console output I have this error message repeated:

Warning: 2 sinks were not fed, so could not send audio to the callback.

What's wrong ?


PS: I have been able to ouput sound correctly in JACK with another program I made. But I had some strange behaviors, that's why I first want to try to modify this example...

PPS: When using the original example with portaudio, the sound output is pitched up, I guess there is a bitrate problem...(48000 vs 44100)

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