[CLAM] Re: [Clam-devel] CLAM in a live distro

Xavier Amatriain xavier at amatriain.net
Thu Jan 31 06:08:25 PST 2008

Great news! Thanks hordia!

Hernán Ordiales wrote:
> AFAIK, this is the first live distro in include CLAM.
> It's also the first dvd version of musix (was always a live cd), still
> a test version and just uploaded to gnu servers:
> http://www.musix.org.ar/wiki/index.php/Musix1.0r3test5-announce#Live-DVD
> http://www.musix.org.ar/wiki/index.php/Musix1.0r3test5-announce#Download_CD..2FDVD
> I have tested here, includes NetworkEditor (and prototyper), Annotator
> and SMSTools (and of course a lot of others audio/music applications
> since is a music distro)
> carry clam in your pocket... :P
> regards,

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