[CLAM] [Fwd: You are invited to take part in The Google Summer of Code(tm) 2008]

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Mon Mar 17 16:11:26 PDT 2008


> Tonight mail brought great news for CLAM! :-)

Congratulations !

As I am a student in sound-engineering (and mainly a developer in the pd 
world for some years) I would be interested in the following projects:
1. integrating libflac, libspeex and maybe aubio to CLAM
2. python binding for CLAM

Are there already other students interessted in these two projects 
and/or do you see them relevant ?

Project 1 would be quite straight forward I guess ...

However, I don't know how easy the python integration would be.
ATM I am using python/numpy for my master-thesis and already wrote some 
SWIG interface files where parts get added to the official numpy 
distribution (for my aureservoir library: 
But do you also want to make all your GUIs available in python ?



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