[CLAM] Doubt about the project Network Editor documentation

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Tue Mar 18 07:34:47 PDT 2008

Hi, Laia.

On Tuesday 18 March 2008 13:43:12 Laia Subirats wrote:
> Hello, I am interested in the project Network Editor documentation. 

Great. It could be a boost for usability in CLAM. 

Do you want it to be your final project at the UPF? If so, then it is very 
interesting for you to define a dual PFC/GSoC goal project so talk with us.

> My question is:
>    - The idea is providing networks and processing modules of
>    documentation which can be browsable and navigable from the network
> editor interface: in which language will be done that?

We are using C++ and the Qt toolkit for the interface. If we had to implement 
some server side, we often use Python for non-realtime programming.

>  - This project would include the interface and a system to obtain
>   metadata (web, webservice or just compiled information): 
>   the purpose of this would be to define the WSDLs of the webservice. 

The simpler the better. I know that it is interesting for your PFC to expose 
technology, but we should be as simpler as we could and using Corba/Soap/WSDL 
could be an overkill. We have some python based 'webservices' working which 
are less 'bureocratic', and being documentation even simple web pages could 

> Furthermore it will be 
> needed to develop the webservice of the operations available of the
> networks and processing modules mentioned in the network editor. 

Operations? which operations? ATM, we just need attributes. Static atributes.

> The visualisation of the Visualizing data 
>isualizing_data>will be done via web. 

I am lost at this point. Are we still talking about the documentation project?

>I don't understand the compiled information part.

Text strings on the code. The simpler method that can be implemented. 
Processings have some metadata (Name, Category...) and some of that metadata 
could be the documentation. Changing such metadata implies a recompile which 
can be a problem or a feature. Further analysis is needed. In any case 
compiled metadata could be the key string to access server metadata, for 

Use the IRC or in your case, you can contact us directly.


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